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Story Project – Doug

Chesapeake Beach, MD

D.C.-area viewers relied on meteorologist Doug Hill for weather information. But when personal storms shook his family, he turned to WGTS 91.9 to find calm, comfort, and companionship.

My wife suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm in May of 2014 and she had had a blood clot  that stopped the bleeding temporarily. But when they went in there, they found it caused a new brain hemorrhage, so she had a second brain hemorrhage in the cath lab. It was far more severe than the first, and she needed to have emergency open brain surgery. It was totally God's grace giving the surgeons the ability to save her. It was the second worse thing to ever happen in my life with the other thing being when my three-year-old son died of a heart attack. That was the worst.

When I'd be overcome, I'd go out and take breaks in the hallway or I'd go out to just to drive around for a little bit just to break the hospital setting and I'd have WGTS on and time after time, it was that feeling that this was my place. Inside my car, it was my retreat. How the music came into play that day and that night and the days after was the comfort that I knew I had a place, a safe place, where everything would minister to me. There were no commercials. There was nobody yelling at you to buy this or buy that. It was just music but that ministered to me in ways that as if I had my pastor with me by my side. It got me in closer contact with God, and I could lose a lot of the tension in handing over the fear and that's the way pretty much it's been for years. It’s always the music that ministers to me at just the right time.
Doug Hill at emergency room

Doug Hill at WGTS

I have been blessed beyond measure. Almost 40 years in radio and television. I've had an incredible career and I thought, as I've been getting older, what's next? I had more and more of a conviction that it became absolutely rock solid that what God wants from me is to take what he's given me, the platform I have developed from being on TV and radio in the Washington market and to use the skill and talent he's given me for him, for his purpose, for his kingdom, to just expand my horizons and that's why it started the work of WGTS is that was what came to me first that made sense. First, I was a big supporter of the station. My wife and I supported WGTS for a long time. We're fans of the station. I've gotten to know some of the people there years ago, and it just seemed like the natural next step.

It's not just a radio station. It's part of a family. It's a ministry, but it's a ministry that's on the move. God has his hand on WGTS. It is a great place, a great family, and I just can't wait to see what God has in store tomorrow and the day after and the day after and the day after.