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You represent hope

By: Blanca
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Blanca from Mornings with Jerry & Blanca shares her experience on a Compassion Mission Trip:
If you got to meet the kids I saw in the Compassion program in Nicaragua...you would want to bring them all home too! Luckily, you don't have to. If you can sponsor ONE child, you will make a difference for a family living in poverty. The world would be a better place for so many kids living in conditions we would never want our kids to live in, if we all do our part.
When you walk into one of these schools or communities...imagine a large group of children of all ages, peeking down the hallway excited to see you. Then, they ALL gravitate toward you at the same time! It's overwhelming! All the children run up to you and hug you like YOU are their hero. It makes you tear up because to them you represent HOPE.
It was 8 years ago, in 2009, I went to visit a Compassion site in Nicaragua, Central America. It was my first time going. My baby was about to turn one and I also had a two year-old. If you're a mom, you understand my hesitation of going to another country and leaving them so small. My husband encouraged me see this as an opportunity to encourage other moms and provide hope for her babies.
One of the first homes I got to visit (a room for a family of 6), a mom and her son showed us where they kept the letters he got the family that sponsored her son back in the states.  You could see in their eyes an eternal gratitude, an infectious joy, and so much love for a person (a family) they have never met and probably never will. But to all the children in the Compassion program, their sponsor family is their closest relative, their closest friend, their closest representation of Jesus.
On February 7 thru 9, you have the opportunity to come alongside a mother, or a father, who wishes they could do more for their children but can't because of the conditions of poverty around them. YOU CAN BE AN ANSWER TO PRAYER for someone in need. Through Compassion International and WGTS 91.9, sponsor a child today by checking the link below. You'll hear the stories of the lives being changed through you and the entire DC area.  
By the way, since seeing for myself how Compassion works, my family and I decided to sponsor a little girl from Guatemala about the same age as our oldest. We pray for Yeimy-Mishel all the time!
This article has been updated since it's original posting last year.